Our professional team are experienced in design and install audiovisual system, we are dare to meet your personal or business needs.

System Design

We are considerate to listening clients’ needs and design a fully-customised solution.

System Programming

We are capable to programme the customised system, and run unlimited testing to ensure smooth system operation.


We have connection with well-known manufacturers and suppliers, you needs will always be satisfied.

System Integration

We provide integration service of different systems. Optimise the user experience on controlling the entire system which brings much convenience and flexibility to the users.

Maintenance and Support

Our team is always ready for providing timely support. We aim to assist and provide guidance to clients in the most efficient way.

Our Solutions

victoria's secret video wall

Video Wall

HD Video Wall is a full-screen mosaic wall of display units. Functions like screen wall calibration, network control, switching can be controlled by software. Each image signal window are displayed in the form of projection on the video wall. Window position, size, quantity can be changed. We could help our customers can to choose the right products and splicing design to fit their needs.

Digital Signage

Enjoy fully customised content creatives in your Digital Signage with the ability to playback music, videos, images, promotions by our all-rounded solution. Digital Signage with centralized content management allows you to display live information, and also enable you to update it whenever you need. The content management system allow you to schedule the display contents. We offer Digital Signage in varied dimensions that can be applied to any environment.


Video & Audio Conference

We offer a wide range of corporate solutions for fulfilling customers’ collaboration and conferencing needs. The features including highly-compatible conferencing systems, one-click dialling, etc.. The advanced and user friendly functions, improving communication and collaboration, helping corporates to save cost and time regardless of geographic locations.

Audio & Video Distribution System

Regardless of your multimedia source, we have solutions to fit your needs and budget. Ranging from Category 5/6 fiber cabling infrastructure to IP distribution technology. We are able to distribute live TV or any information in real-time.


Professional Audio

We offer professional audio products for recording, broadcasting, shows, cinema, touring sound, commercial sound and contracting applications. The Professional Audio Systems we deliver can be customized with optimum audio experience and tailored for any environment. Our professional system integration solution makes seamless integration of audio system.

Smart Home Automation

In the era that pursues optimised convenience, we offer Home Automation Solution for integrating lights, thermostats, drapes, media systems, and enabling centralised control. You are able to manage the systems wirelessly via smart devices.


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